Fitness Philosophy

Square workouts

If you exercise, you must be fit, right?  I'm not so sure.  How you exercise might be as important as if you exercise.  So how do you exercise? I think we should challenge our bodies physically on a regular basis.  We should have a plan which includes a variety of challenges to the muscles, performed regularly, over a significant period of time.  If this happens, your body (muscular system) will grow increasingly more fit.  Are your workouts regular and diverse?  New exercises and combinations can be reenergizing while also accelerating growth.  Try a Square Workout today!


Fitness in Motion

Pure Cardio

It's been said that the heart is the most important muscle in the body.  Is it?  I can't think of one that's more important.  Let's go with it!  So how do you keep your heart strong and healthy?  It starts with movement.  Intentional exercise is key, but if you sit all day and "work out" for thirty minutes, your heart probably isn't very strong.  So get on your feet and make movement a regular pattern of your life!  #CHOOSETOMOVE