From the Garden


Have you ever heard this?  My sweet Grandma used to say this to me.  Many of those veggies she spoke of came from her garden.  Whether you are a gardener or not, vegetables are key to a healthy diet.  They are nutrient dense and full of filling natural fiber.  Filling?  Why is this a good thing?  Because when we eat veggies, we don't have as much room for empty calorie, processed junk food.  This is a good thing! 


Fresh & Organic


Are the foods you eat healthy?  This is a common question these days.  I think about this a lot.  There is a deeper question here also.  Do your vegetables come from healthy plants?  Do your eggs come from healthy chickens?  Does your cheese come from healthy cows?  Is your food real?  Big businesses provide our food today, and industrial production means more profit for these businesses.  Does it also mean healthier food for our bodies?  They want us to believe it does.  What do you think?  How healthy is your food?


Eat Well

Fuel your body

Eating and drinking are social activities today.  I get it, I love to eat, but what is the actual point of eating?  Our bodies need energy and nourishment from the food we eat.  So what does your body have to work with?  A diet full of chemical artificial sweeteners and sugary processed foods isn't going to cut it when your immune system is stressed or your body is injured.  Feed your body a variety of clean healthy food and let it use what it needs for its systems and your activities and ENJOY!