Brent is an outstanding trainer. He brings energy to every session and each workout feels different and fresh. Brent constantly is incorporating new routines into the session. Brent excels at finding highly efficient exercises which work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. The hour goes fast and I feel better in every respect since beginning to work out with Brent. He knows just how hard to push me, while always being careful to avoid injury.
I have also found Brent to be very knowledgeable on sports related injuries. He has provided me with stretches and exercises to promote quicker recovery and prevent recurring problems. In fact, when travelling, I use videos Brent created for me to guide my routine. I have worked out with several trainers over the years and Brent is simply the best.
— Grant B.

Brent takes the time to know the Client and creates a workout plan that meets the specific strengths of the individual. Enjoy his personal approach to working out.
— Stuart F.

Brent has all the characteristics I value in a personal trainer—an individualized approach appropriate to my needs and capabilities; a balanced, complete and varied workout; and, careful attention to form and execution. To top it off Brent is highly personable and motivating. Bottom line is that Brent is a highly professional trainer committed to helping his clients be their very best!
— Donna G.

I have been working out with Brent Blaudow for over 11 years. In that time, I believe that he has helped to keep me pain-free and in good enough physical shape to pursue the athletic activities that I enjoy. Brent’s workouts are customized - geared to an individual’s needs and desires. My daughter has also worked out with Brent, and I know that her regimen is completely different from mine. Brent works collaboratively with individuals to meet each one’s specific goals. Finally, Brent is an intelligent trainer. He comes prepared to talk about a variety of subjects, has a great sense of humor and the training session flies by because Brent makes it fun. I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Susan B.

Under Brent’s careful watch, I have reshaped, strengthened and toned my body. Brent’s approach is thoughtful and strategic; he carefully sets up each workout with specific objectives in mind, putting dynamic exercise combinations together in a way that is fun, safe for my body, and very productive. He takes the time to understand my various injuries/movement limitations, and customizes the exercise combinations to be as impactful as possible, and keeps a close eye on my form to make sure I do not injure myself. He is very knowledgeable about the body and diet, and is fully engaged in the whole workout, making each one a really positive experience for me. (And on the plus side, his sports knowledge has helped me bond with my husband and sons. Alex Trevinsky plays for the Bulls, right?)
— Michelle M.