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Fitness is complex.  It’s really a concept rather than a thing.  It’s a state of being, a progression.  Ask several people what it means to be fit, and you are likely to get as many different answers and ideas.  So what does it mean to be fit?

The human body is complex and is affected by many internal and external forces.  One’s current body composition, food and beverage intake and genetic makeup are some important internal factors that impact a body’s health.  Exercise and movement habits (or lack thereof) are crucial external factors.  So what are the habits of your life?  How often do you move?  How strenuous is your movement or exercise?  Can your body do what you want/need it to do?  How’s your diet?  Do you consistently eat quality foods, or occasionally eat some broccoli to try to make up for regular processed food overload?  So what does it mean to be fit?

I’m talking about lifestyle.  Is your body healthy?  If so, you could be one of the lucky ones that can eat anything and be lazy and still look fabulous.  But is looking fabulous in itself fitness?  Some people that look fabulous are fit, but not all.  Other people don’t look like they pose for magazine covers, but their body is healthy and strong.  It’s able to do what it’s asked to do.  It has the attributes and abilities needed to participate and possibly succeed in the owner’s chosen activities.  Fit bodies are given the energy and nutrients needed to participate and succeed in their activities. So what is lifestyle?  From a health and fitness perspective, it is the exercise and nutrition habits of your life.  Does your lifestyle enable your body to do what you ask it to do?  If you improved your exercise and nutrition habits, would your body be able to function at a higher level?  These questions are worthy of thought, and a plan.

We are here to help you design a healthier lifestyle.  If fitness is a progression, how can you move in a positive direction, toward your goals?  What is holding you back?  Try one of our Square Workouts today!  Fitness Squared is where smart movement and nutrition meet.


Brent Blaudow

Owner, Personal Trainer


My name is Brent. I have a beautiful wife and two great kids. I live in the Chicago suburbs. I like sports, reading books, odd jobs, outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and the beach, and I really like to play golf. I like to cook. I like to eat good, healthy food, that is made with real, fresh ingredients. I worked in corporate America for a few years after college and then set out on a new endeavor..... a career in fitness. I became a personal trainer in 2005 and I haven't looked back.

Today, I work with people who believe in the value of exercise and want to be fit. People who play golf or tennis or some other recreational sport and want to be better players or feel less pain while playing. I design workouts that integrate strength, balance, speed, flexibility and stability components. What does that mean...?... It means that I believe our bodies should be strong, flexible, balanced, agile, coordinated and powerful.  As a result, I design workouts that incorporate a variety of different challenges combined in a way that will maximize your workout time.  I call these Square Workouts.  Try one today!